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Summer Health= Happy!

Summer time with family is always a sacred time. Having three teenagers, I finally understand that it really does go too fast. All of it. I have been soaking in all of the moments so far. My daughter is working her second year at a great fine dining establishment and my son just bought his first truck. My youngest will now be in high school and all his dreams came true when he was able to join the high school football team. It is a happy little space, when there is family game nights and dinner and no homework to run to. I am so grateful for this space. I am so grateful for you to be here. Summer is a crucial time to stay focused on being healthy. It is not a time to let health go. We can be outside more, we can grill more fresh veggies, we can nap in the hammock out back.

Web MD shares with us that being outside more, aka, SUMMER, helps us to battle anxiety, gives us more natural doses of vitamin D, helps you stay focused, improves your sleep and more.

So how you can you improve what you are already doing? One thing I like to do in the summer is share new fruits and vegetables with my family. For example, papaya. We don't normally eat it but it is great to incorporate new fruits and veggies for everyone to try. You are also broadening your nutrients and vitamins and mineral intake.

Another way to improve on focusing on your health is, instead of watching your favorite shows after dinner, take a walk outside. It doesn't even have to be far. Sometimes I walk to get the mail. Yeah, it's not far. But it is outside and simple, and enjoyable. It lifts my mood. Other times I take a flower walk. I walk around my yard and check on my flowers. This definitely lifts any mood. How can you be crabby when you look at flowers?

Incorporate in a beautiful morning to your routine. Try waking up just 20 minutes earlier and sitting outside on your front step for 15 lovely solitary moments. This will clear your mind and elevate your mood immensely. It is one of my favorite things. I love a steaming mug of hot tea on my front step and listening to the birds chirp.

Friend, it matters because you matter. To so many people. Please take care of you and prioritize your health before it is prioritized for you. I am here! Send me an email. Ask me a question! Would love to help!

I hope you stick around with me as I continue to share health and wellness from my heart to yours.

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